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JANUARY 28 | 2010 | 2:00 PM

Vital Engineering was featured in the official publication of Alberta's professional engineering association (APEGGA) for its growth in a highly competitive industry. Vital has distinguished itself, the author said, "as it carries on a commitment to design solutions that are both cost efficient and environmentally conscious". This commitment stems from Vital's core values and is one of the most significant value-added services we offer. By seeking all viable solutions to reducing our energy footprint we are building the habits, technologies and infrastructure (both physical and social) needed to move closer to sustainability of the economy, environment, and Canadian culture that we cherish.

Placing a real value on people and the planet means internalizing the impact that our profits have on others. This is also known as the triple bottom-line approach (People, Profits, Planet) and it has proven successful for other companies actually improving profits as their efficiency increases and their public profile as a "good guy" is reinforced. To learn more about projects Vital has completed, visit our Projects Matrix.

To learn more about sustainable design and the triple-bottom line approach, visit the links in our sustainable development section.