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Energy Pyramids: Prioritizing the Path to Sustainability

FEBRUARY 11 | 2010 | 12:45 PM

This article from the US Department of Energy focuses on different applications of the concept of an energy pyramid.  At Vital Engineering, our services are based upon this principle, in order to progress along the most rational path to sustainability.  As the author says about this analytical tool:
"Sorry, guys. If you're looking for ammunition to convince your wife to install those "sexy" solar panels or wind turbines on your rooftop, look elsewhere. But if you're trying to find out which energy efficiency/conservation step to take next or need help convincing your spouse it makes sense, then these may help. "  -

Of course these "sexy" solutions have their own merits, in terms of demonstrating leadership and the inherent values of using less (not to mention grants and other financial incentives).  But from a strictly energy perspective we have the analytical tools to give you guidance with a sound basis.