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Better homes to live in: real world advice

MARCH 4 | 2010 | 9:15 AM

Lasting change almost never happens overnight.  But change doesn't happen without the intention to improve ourselves.  At Vital we learn how to meet your needs, and give you practical, easy steps to work towards a long term goal of sustainable living.  We offer a range of services to meet these needs.  We also look for others who have taken steps that have proven real-world success and who want to share their experience.  Today we are highlighting two websites that are recognized leaders in this respect.

I first learned about the Five Percent Blog through this article about the struggles the author went through when trying to renovate his home.  You can find the entire story in links at the end of the article.  This is the culmination of his efforts to identify the "lowest hanging fruit" that would enable him to save energy, reduce his carbon footprint, and save money:  How Not To Make an Efficient House in 13 Years.

The Five Percent Blog represents those who are wanting to take gradual steps of improvement.  For an idea of what is possible by sticking with ones values and building up good habits, we present Eco-sense, whose mission it is to, "live a reasonable life where our home is an extension of nature; where the systems incorporate bio-mimicry for both function and beauty. All systems work with nature to create a space that is safe and provide for our needs sustainably without compromising the needs of future generations to enjoy the same level of comfort. Our home will exhibit a practical example of sustainability both locally and globally showcasing luxurious simplicity."

At Vital we encourage collaboration to achieve our goals, because a sustainable society is one that works together with common values.  We hope you can continue to benefit from the service we provide, by bringing these kids of resources to your attention.  We encourage you to subscribe to our newsfeed (you can also click on the "RSS" icon on the main news pages) to receive automatic updates of new articles and developments to the website.