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Dean Turgeon awarded ASET Technologist of the Year

APRIL 13 | 2010 | 9:00 AM

Dean Turgeon, 2010 Association of Science and Engineering Technologists Professionals of Alberta:   Technologist of the Year

(Dean Turgeon, right, accepts the award)

Congratulations Dean on winning this auspicious award!  The event was covered by local media and his story was recently published in the Sherwood Park News.  Dean was quoted as saying:

"It is about balance. It is about re-establishing balance. How we impact our environment. How we live. How we develop. That's the unique vision I think Vital brings."

During his speech Dean touched upon the importance of moving building design forward towards a sustainable model.  He emphasized the need for development of standards and education, both public expectations and industry expertise.  He shared his vision that business will be the key driver of change.  Dean has also been exploring the use of open-source data sharing to enhance awareness of clean energy technology successes and pitfalls.  Several of Vital's projects are now posted to a new wiki-project called Green Building Brain.  

Dean's talk was a real eye-opener for an industry typically viewed as heavily invested in the oil and gas sector.  He previewed a video that Vital commissioned to draw public awareness to the need to revamp our approach to building design.  The video is about the expectations we should be setting for future generations.  Look for this video on our website in coming weeks, featuring a voice-over by Vital Engineering client, and TV icon, Tricia Helfer.

In addition to this recognition, Dean is pursuing authorization to practice engineering, which is a legally restricted profession previously inaccessible to technologists.  ASET has secured recognition of the high quality and indispensable work performed by technologists.


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