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Vitality School Gardens

JULY 30 | 2010 | 11:45 AM


Vital Engineering's current stewardship project involves partnering with two local elementary schools, various community groups and local businesses, to establish school learning gardens.  These gardens aim to provide an alternate environment for both the teachers and students to participate in hands-on lessons.  Students are given the chance to make connections between set curriculum and activities they complete, such as measuring plant growth and journaling their experiences.  Elsewhere, school gardens have proven to be inclusive of students with differing personalities and abilities; in fact, behaviorally-challenged children have demonstrated improvement in their attitudes after consistent work tending to the gardens. 

It makes sense for Vital to be involved in this project because one of our guiding principles is sustainability.  This is an opportunity to not only teach beginning learners that ethic, but to also increase their sense of responsibility and awareness of issues related to local food security.  Additionally we have experience coordinating the needed research, funding, and collaborations that will help the schools with the set-up and design process.

To help contribute to the project with your time, expertise, funding, or other measures, contact Rachel Peredery at 780-416-8336.


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