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Developer discovers the benefits of Vital's total design approach

JULY 30 | 2010 | 12:00 PM

Discovery Business Park Hotel, Dawson Creek, British Columbia.

The area around Dawson Creek has experienced significant commercial development in recent years as mining and fossil fuel businesses have expanded.  Vital Engineering was approached to provide superior energy performance from the HVAC system for a hotel targeted at "green conscious" consumers looking for an alternative to energy intensive hotels.  A highly efficient technology mix will minimize energy losses and maximize the use of ambient energy from the air and ground.  The system will employ:

  • Geothermal borefield supplying heating and cooling to the building
  • Ventilation heat recovery to retain up to 80% of ventilation energy
  • Solar thermal domestic hot water heating to virtually eliminate fossil fuels as an energy source for the building
  • LED lighting to drastically reduce electrical load and reduce cooling costs
  • Drain water heat recovery to capture up to 65% of energy used for showers and laundry


Energy modeling in the Hevacomp simulation engine formed the basis of this design.  The building model is a critical design tool to be used in making recommendations for construction upgrades, sizing the geothermal borefield, and optimizing the solar PV system size.  Owners recognize that investing upfront design capital will optimize technology selection and ultimately save money by properly sizing equipment and reducing operating costs. 

An integrated design process from project conception through commissioning involves continuous communication with the various design and subconsulting team members to ensure all elements of design are complementary in terms of occupant comfort, aesthetics, and energy use.  This process is a critical follow-up from initial energy modeling.  By ensuring that conflicts, design constraints, scheduling conflicts, and equipment lead times are properly coordinated, the owner realizes the lowest possible construction cost and the shortest construction period.  This means that revenue can be generated by the hotel at the earliest possible date, without cumbersome and expensive measures such as extended work weeks or numerous change orders.

This model of development requires significant cooperation and planning between various parties who are traditionally working from more independent development plans.  Vital Engineering strives to build the necessary relationships to ensure communication remains fluid and planning proceeds in a complimentary manner.  We are pleased to be working with a forward thinking project developer who aims to receive the most value for his investment with optimal system design and construction, and minimized operation costs and construction time.

Learn about opportunities for commericial investment in the Discovery Business Park, Dawson Creek, BC, by contacting the developers:


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