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Software Update: 3-D Civil Engineering Design Tool

JULY 30 | 2010 | 12:00 PM

 Vital Engineering has added another important tool to our mix of technologies that place us at the leading edge of computer aided design and engineering.  In addition to our comprehensive mix of energy simulation software, we are currently incorporating a collaborative design tool called Revit which we will showcase on an upcoming project.  We have also purchased a 3-D design tool for our civil engineering services.

The purchase of Autodesk Civil 3D enables the civil engineering group to produce high quality working drawings, that aid in the analysis and visualization of how sites will react to storm water run-off. With built-in tools for geospatial and storm water analysis, quantity takeoff, and 3D visualization, civil engineers can explore what-if scenarios to help optimize performance before projects are built.  An abundance of tools from automated machine guidance to points files and surface models aid in construction planning and project execution. Consultants and contractors work with one another to create high quality and cost effective finished products.

Vital's commitment to securing the most up to date software will ensure our clients we are always looking to improve how we deliver our product.

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