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OCTOBER 24 | 2012 | 11:30 AM

The Emerald Hills Urban Village is a unique development concept for a private development of approximately 20 hectares of Greenfield land in Northeast Sherwood Park. The Master Concept Plan calls for a dense, mixed-use development incorporating innovative solutions to sustainability objectives. A key element of this strategy was the identification and prioritization of clusters for the development of new district energy systems in Strathcona County. The Emerald Hills Urban Village was identified as one of these higher priority clusters and a potential area to design a district energy heating system based on a mini-plant concept.


Strathcona County is looking to be a leader in sustainable neighborhood design. The county wants a unique design with the goal of reducing greenhouse gases but one that can easily be replicable by other developments with the goal of improving energy efficiency. In order the achieve the design, the County did not have to look far; awarding local engineering and energy solutions provider Vital Engineering with the design of the concept for system.


“We are ecstatic to be a part of this project” states Vital President Dean Turgeon. “The innovation and leadership in environmental stewardship of Strathcona County has been a crucial aspect to Vital’s growth and continues to strengthen our relationship with the County. Projects like these are why we set up our business in Sherwood Park and why we will continue to stay here for years to come. This project is highly unique as there is nothing similar within the immediate area. Vital will design a concept that is innovative and makes people proud to be living in the community” states Turgeon.


Vital has been a part of major projects within the Edmonton area and Alberta consisting of District Energy Design Solutions. Ranging from the Boyle Renaissance Phase 1 and 2 Developments in Edmonton, to the Stonecreek Village development in Fort McMurray, Vital can now implement their expertise right in their own backyard. “Our success in other areas of the province has provided us with the opportunity to design an innovative concept for Emerald Hills, and what better place to do it than in our own backyard” states Turgeon. We look forward to working with the County and our partners to further develop this unique project”.