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5 Vital Engineering Projects selected for the 2013 Eco Solar Tour

MARCH 7 | 2013 | 9:30 AM

The future is now, and alternative energy design solutions will be on full display in early summer for the general public. Vital Engineering Corporation, located in Sherwood Park, Alberta has been directly involved in 5 of the possible 10 projects selected to be displayed for the 2013 Eco Solar Tour sponsored by the City of Edmonton.


Visually stunning from the outside, the projects include The Animal Care and Control Center, Brentwood Apartment Complex, Alfred Savage Center, NAIT Alternative Energy Program Facility, and the Landmark Group Manufacturing Facility. “We were enthralled when it was announced that our engineering services were provided or development involvement (NAIT) for half of the projects had been selected for this year’s Eco Solar tour” states Vital President Dean Turgeon. “It’s a beautiful thing when a project, client, and engineering team aspire for a singular purpose of building the most energy efficient buildings”.


Design highlights of some of the projects such as the 26,400 sq.ft Animal Care LEED Silver certified facility include geothermal heating and cooling as well as energy recovery which proved a unique challenge in striving towards Energy efficiency while maintaining comfort for both animals and humans. The Brentwood Apartment complex is already an award winning project of the 2012 ASHRAE Region and Society Awards for all of Western Canada and North America. Starting with a well insulated, air-tight envelope complete with large triple-glazed south facing windows, passive solar gains are maximized and heat loss is minimized within this building.  Low flow, low temperature radiators efficiently heat the spaces while flat plate solar thermal collectors provide domestic hot water heating.  Excess hot water in the summer is circulated through the geothermal bore field to improve the efficiency of the geothermal system. 


Vital Engineering has also played an instrumental role and is recognized officially as a “founding participant” in the development of the NAIT alternative Energy program. As part of the tour, the general public will be able to tour the facility where the students of tomorrow are learning all about sustainable design solutions. Vital Engineering President, Dean Turgeon had also recently been named as one of NAIT’s top 50 alumni in 50 years in an official celebration last fall.


The Eco Solar Commercial Tour sponsored by the City of Edmonton will run May 27th to 31st and June 3rd to June 7th. More details to come.