There are strong social, economic and environmental drivers indicating that it is time to move beyond traditional design paradigms. We need commercially proven engineering solutions that are socially responsible, financially prudent and sustainable. Our design solutions will result in the lowest building life cycle costs and also provide the healthiest buildings.

Sources of renewable energy should be utilized cost effectively with the objective of eliminating or significantly reducing a building’s need for non renewable energy, but effective changes also happen without renewable energy.

Vital’s innovative approach to design projects has created some of the most widely recognized achievements in innovative structures to date. Ranging from our current design of a District Energy Heating and Cooling system for the Emerald Hills Urban Village in Strathcona County, to  the Station Pointe Greens Development in the City of Edmonton, our staff has a wide variety of experience in Alternative Energy Projects. Vital has also been commissioned and is currently involved in the Mechanical Design of the Precast Concrete Netzero Home for the Habitat for Humanity Foundation, a project we are very proud of.

  Photo Caption: Consultants including Vital President Dean Turgeon as well as recipient Habitat Families gather in front of the Construction of the Netzero Precast Concrete Home